Backup plan led to journalism
By Veryl Fritz, 1951

The Centennial of the Greenlee School encourages me to reminisce a bit. I enrolled at Iowa State College in 1947 as a physical education major. At the end of my freshman year, I switched to my backup plan. I transferred to agricultural journalism.

I had the privilege of taking classes under some great teachers—Ken Marvin, Jim Schwartz, Rod Fox, Harry Heath, Ed Blinn and Bill Ames. Bill Holmes was in charge of the presses and was most helpful to all the students.

I worked with, and was both challenged and inspired by, a number of talented student journalists, including Ed and Hugh Sidey, Deane Robertson, Bill Olcott, Bill Fleming, Dave Bryant, Bob Crom, Frank Ferguson, Herb Pownall and Bob Doran.

Upon graduation in December l951, I served nearly two years in the U.S. Army. My journalism degree and ROTC commission enabled me to be assigned as an assistant public information officer while in Korea. I experienced many memorable, but fortunately not life-threatening, activities during my l7 months of duty there.

My next move was to the University of Illinois, where I earned a master of science degree in animal science with a minor in advertising in l956. During my professional career, I specialized in agricultural advertising and benefited from working with Lyle Abbott, Gene Cooper, Clancy Strock, Dutch VerSteegh, Ralph Anderson and Ray and Roy Reiman.

After joining the ISU faculty in 1982, I enjoyed working with, and advising, many dedicated ag journalism students, and getting the advertising sequence approved as a degree program. The credit for whatever success I achieved belongs to the many Iowa State journalists who had a hand in guiding me. Thank you, all.

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